Shrewsbury Cricket Club

AGM – 6th November 2013

Shrewsbury Cricket Club gives notice of the forthcoming 2013 AGM to be held at the club on:

Wednesday 6th November 2013 at 7.30pm.

An Agenda has been emailed to all members.

All Members whether they are Players, Life members, Honorary members, Social members and Parents of Juniors are urged to attend as the clubs future regarding the playing, development and social aspects of the club will be discussed in depth and determined by the participants at the meeting.

Parents/Guardians of club juniors are reminded they are valued members of this club and are entitled to one vote at the AGM.

a) Only present 2013, paid up, members will be permitted into the clubhouse for the AGM.
b) Junior Members and Honorary Members are reminded they are not eligible to vote.